yachats oregonThere are many ways to see the local cultures of areas. Whether it be through food, entertainment, or reading up on the area’s history. At The Adobe Resort, we are surrounded by beauty and one of the best ways to see it is by seeing it from other perspectives. Come and see our local area through the eyes of our artists. Yachats Oregon is full of life and color, experience it in a new way.

Original Yachats Arts and Crafts Fair

For nearly fifty years, Yachats has celebrated the creativity its residents. This year is the 48th year of the Original Yachats Arts and Crafts Fair. This two-day event is held every March to showcase the incredible talent of locals. Each of the 80 Pacific Northwest artists display their art and crafts for viewing and sale for all to enjoy. The admission is free, and there is an endless variety of items. You will find everything from photography to homemade treats to intricate paintings. If you are a lover of arts and the creativity of others, this event is sure to peak your interests.

Galleries Galore

yachats oregonAnother fantastic way to immerse yourself in the arts of the Northern Pacific is by visiting the many galleries in the area. Many of the works within the galleries are inspired by our wildlife and beautiful nature. Wave Gallery is full of works that capture the sheer beauty of the ocean and landscapes of Yachats Oregon. Earthworks Gallery is a fun mix of media with colorful sea-inspired works and natural pieces like wooden carvings. Touchstone Gallery is a gallery that magnificent works of art, as well as clinics and classes to let others in on the fun of creating.

Your Stay

You can visit all of these galleries and even more when you come to Yachats. In a place as intriguing and wondrous as Yachats Oregon, it is hard not to see the beauty in everything around you. Adobe Resort invites you to stay with us and experience it all for yourself. Call us at (541) 547-3141 or visit our website and discover one of the best places to stay in Yachats Oregon. Are you ready to get inspired?